About Us

To manage your Diabetes successfully- frequent self-monitoring of blood glucose (SMBG), dietary modifications, exercise and taking of medications timely are necessary. Thus, availability of your prescribed medication is one of the very important factors.

According to The Diabetes Control and Complication Trial (DCCT) and other intervention, availability and administration of medication on time is the vital factor for improving adherence of Diabetes Management. Not following prescribed treatment schedule is common in patients with diabetes ranging from 23-77%, making ideal glycemic control difficult to reach. Moreover, if it’s an insulin kind of medicine then it’s a must to follow. 

Now you can ask that all are available at your nearest pharmacy shop. Yes, almost all are, but how about the cool chain or efficacy level? Required efficacy is a big question. The cool chain or other safety measures have been maintained or not? To ensure the safety measure you need to go by yourself to the reliable pharmacy or even direct company outlet. However, this can’t be possible all the time due to a number of practical barriers such as illness, the constraint of time, increasing traffic etc. We, DIACARE can help you deliver your prescription medicine at your doorstep. We are also happy to include some supplemental products to help recover faster. We believe that affordable diabetic supplies are essential of diabetes self-management together with your physician’s advice. 

DIACARE to help you effectively manage your diabetes. We serve you by providing top quality brands and over-the-counter pharmacy items at the best price. We shall ensure the temperature of your insulin 100%. And help you to have the best glycemic achievement.
We carry an extensive stock of all major brands; Insulins, oral antidiabetic agents (ODA’s), blood glucose monitors, glucose test strips, lancets, and other top quality diabetic supplies. Our customer service staff is trained to answer all your questions about our products, service, and shipping.